Everglades Restaurant


Great wine tasting and great food. Thank you for a great dinner.

Dinner was delicious! It is so nice to have these wine tasting. Compliments to Chef Fred, as well as to Monica, Mike & Priscilla. Everyone was so accommodating.

Great dinner! Looking forward to the next one in August.
Tina & Tim

Dinner was wonderful. Food was so delicious.

This is our first Vine & Dine dinner and we have LOVED it!! We look forward to coming to many more!! This has been a great combination of wonderful wine and inspired food. Thank you all so very much. Our compliments to the chef!!!


Very good. Good food, excellent service and great wine.

The best thing we had this evening food or beverage wise were the Parducci Family Wines.It is great that these wines are sustainable and/or organic! Go Green!

This event was very good-as always.

The event was very nice, tasteful, calm and elegant. Food was good. I enjoyed the port paired with the dessert the best. Priscilla is wonderful! I liked Beverly, our server, very much; she is good.

This event was the perfect end to a perfect week. My gratitude and appreciation to all Rosen Centre® Staff.

The food was wonderful, the wine was abundant and we loved it. We will be back for another Vine and Dine!!! Also-the service was impeccable-Thank you!
Ron & Terri

Mike was great! We truly enjoyed our wine and food. Thank you for a wonderful time!
Jamey & Dan

The Buffalo dish and the Scallop dish were fantastic! Mike did a great job. The Paul Dolan Organic Cabernet was one of my favorites.

I enjoyed the presentation by both staff and hostess; I thought the explanation of each wine was very thorough and informative. My favorite dish by far was the scallops! I loved the smoky flavor and earthiness of their taste. My favorite pairing by far was the Cabernet and Buffalo combination. I enjoyed each pairing with each course and thought that the flavor combinations were paired to perfection.